Welcome to MoleMan – The Skin Cancer Doctors

We are Auckland-based skin cancer doctors specialising in mole mapping, skin cancer diagnosis, skin cancer surgery and treatment as well as cosmetic mole removal. We use the latest in mole mapping and surgical technology to provide exceptional care at a great price.


We use dermoscopy and digital mole map technology to comprehensively check your skin and image any moles or lesions of concern. Concerning moles are photographed and magnified up to 30x onto a large screen, allowing any very early signs of skin cancer to be identified on-the-spot. Images are then securely stored for future comparison and monitoring.


Our experienced skin cancer doctors provide feedback and diagnosis during your consultation. No waiting for reports, just efficient, expert advice.  If the doctor suggests treatment, you’ll be able to discuss the next steps with them during your appointment.


We have full surgical and treatment facilities on-site and use the latest plastic surgical tools and techniques. We aim to provide both skin cancer and cosmetic mole removal treatment in a timely and cost-effective manner. This means less stress and financial burden for our patients and just great service. We also provide all follow up care.

“I choose to have my skin regularly checked at MoleMan because of the warm and friendly environment they provide, as well as the knowledge that they’re experts in services from screening through to diagnosis and treatment. They provide a great professional service and it’s quick and cost-effective too.”
Sarah K, Auckland

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