About MoleMan

MoleMan was established to provide a full service mole screening, skin cancer and cosmetic treatment facility, with services provided by a qualified doctor who can advise appropriate treatment from your first consultation through to any necessary treatment and follow up care.

Whether a mole or skin lesion is concerning you cosmetically, or you've noticed changes in the mole and require diagnosis and treatment, the team at MoleMan will ensure that you will receive the best standard of continued care. Mole checks and surgery can be scary, and even embarrassing, for some patients, however the team at MoleMan will endeavour to provide you with the most comfortable and professional experience that we can.

MoleMan prides itself on having available the latest screening and surgical technology, and is focused on providing exceptional patient care, at a highly competitive price.

Dr Grant Coe leads the team at MoleMan. A New Zealand fully qualified general practitioner with post-graduate specialisations in skin cancer diagnosis, treatment and surgery. Dr Coe has extensive skin cancer and cosmetic surgical experience, having practiced in both public hospitals and private clinics in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.