North Shore Times, 10 Dec 2013

MoleMan – your skin cancer doctors for screening, diagnosis and treatment

Specialist doctors, latest screening technology and peace of mind at MoleMan in Northcote Point

Have you had a mole check lately? If a mole or skin lesion is worrying you, then a visit to MoleMan – a new full service mole screening, skin cancer and cosmetic treatment clinic in Northcote Point – is highly recommended.

MoleMan is a direct access clinic, which means there’s no need for a GP or specialist referral just easy, timely and affordable care.

‘‘With New Zealand leading the world in rates of melanoma and skin cancer, all Kiwis, particularly those of us with light skin, fair hair, sun-damaged skin or a family history of skin cancer, should be getting screened regularly,’’ the Chief MoleMan, Dr Grant Coe, says.

A skin cancer specialist with extensive experience in public and private hospitals in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Dr Coe provides patients with full professional diagnosis, using digital dermoscopy, through to any necessary surgery or treatment and aftercare.

‘‘Melanoma can be cured, provided it is detected and treated early,’’ Dr Coe says. ‘‘The smaller and thinner the lesion is, the better the outcome for the patient. Early detection means less invasive surgery is required too.’’

Dr Coe has been treating patients for several years from Drury Surgery in South Auckland, and MoleMan Northcote Point now brings those services to the North Shore. Also, with their rates being more affordable, there’s no reason to put off that long-delayed check-up.

Kiwis need to get into the habit of making regular skin cancer screening something they do every year, like a warrant of fitness for the skin.

‘‘At least one in two Kiwis will get a skin cancer in their lifetime and, in particular, any new coloured spots observed over the age of 50 should be assessed by a doctor immediately,’’ Dr Coe says.

MoleMan also offers a mobile mole screening service Aucklandwide. MoleMan is located at 146 Queen St, Northcote Point.

For more information or to make a booking phone 480 6416 or visit

AuthorHaley McCrystal