Mole screening

A full body mole screening is normally completed within twenty minutes with a MoleMan doctor. Any moles or lesions of concern to the doctor can be identified on the spot and recommended treatment advised.

MoleMan utilises the latest technology in mole imaging, including manual and digital dermatoscopy, in order to diagnose any changes in moles and other skin lesions, which could be indicative of skin cancers.

If you have a significant number of moles, MoleMan suggests regular mole checks and full body comparative photography can also be arranged. A copy of these images can also be provided to you.

Skin cancer treatment

If action is required to treat or remove your mole or lesion your MoleMan doctor will arrange another appointment to have this competed using the latest surgical equipment and procedures. Patients will be provided with continued care by MoleMan's doctors from initial consultation, diagnosis, through to treatment if required and ongoing follow-up care.

Cosmetic mole and lesion treatment

If you have an unsightly mole or growth that you would like removed, MoleMan's doctors can take care of this for you, using the latest plastic surgical techniques, without the price tag. Don't let an embarrassing growth get you down, make an appointment with MoleMan and feel the difference.

Image storage

MoleMan has digital image storage available for monitoring and future comparison of lesions for early detection and treatment.


Standard full body mole screening (20 mins approx): $150
Cosmetic mole/lesion initial consultation: $150
Follow up care and pricing will be advised after initial consultation